At North Ajax dental, our goal is to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.  We thoroughly assess a tooth for all other solutions before removing it, sometimes the only solution is to extract a tooth that is beyond repair.  We pride ourselves in being able to educate our patients on their options and only resort to extractions as a final solution when nothing else can be done to save a tooth.




When should I consider tooth extraction as a treatment?

  • If the infected tooth has caused damage to the root
  • When a tooth prevents the growth of an adjacent tooth
  • In cases of severe gum / periodontal disease
  • For a repeated untreatable abscess on the gums or surrounding your teeth
  • Crowded teeth / mouth-prior to denture or braces to cure overcrowded teeth
  • If impacted wisdom teeth do not fit in the jaw or are causing pain
  • If other diseases and medication prompt removal 

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